Raise the Roof campaign logo and tagline.

Celebrating the A-Team

Freddie Mac and Scale developed a program to celebrate Freddie Mac’s tenured employees. With a clear goal of elevating their experience, we were tasked with creating a fun and meaningful digital world that aligned with the Freddie Mac culture.

what we did

  • Concepting
  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Graphic design
  • Collateral
  • Production and roll out
  • Project management
Raise the Roof logo variations.


Our design system spanned a number of digital and traditional touch-points across the Freddie Mac infrastructure. We created elements that could easily be moved around and not lose the essence of the creative.

Raise the Roof web banners.

Quick Hits

We showcased the creative through a variety of deliverables meant to quickly share appreciation moments throughout the campaign.

Raise the Roof adds.

Digital Everywhere

Internal promotions were key to the success and embracement of this campaign. We designed a number of deliverables meant to be syndicated across their internal portal.

Raise the Roof banner ads.
Raise the Roof mobile emails.
Raise the Roof digital yearbook experience.

Award Winning

One of our favorite pieces in this project–we designed the look of the employee awards. So proud to have our creative touch in such important milestones.

Raise the Roof award design concept.