Freddie Mac

Making home possible for millions of Americans.

Dream Team

A powerful representation of the benefits of a strong, collaborative relationship, Freddie Mac's internal creative agency and Scale work together to deliver award-winning work. As one of their preferred vendors, we’ve had the opportunity to deeply collaborate and create work that impacts their audience both internally and externally.

Whether building out installations to help kids learn about home mortgages or developing a state-of-the-art website, we’re proud to partner with Freddie Mac and extend their creative power. Other projects include developing full video animations, creating sub-brands, web development, strategy sessions for the redesign of their dot-com, and executing creative campaigns.


  • UX/UI design
  • Custom illustration
  • Motion design
  • Installations
  • Strategy
  • Discovery
  • Branding
  • Sound design
  • Voiceovers
  • Web develompent

Why This Works

Efficient Workflow

We know them; they know us. We treat each other as a singular team that gives and takes feedback with the sole purpose of achieving the most highly creative executions. Additionally, there’s no need for overcomplicated onboarding sessions, long meetings to “get on the same page,” or having realignment sessions. We are past that, we know what the goal is, focus on the work, have a strong relationship amongst the team, and deliver quality—consistently.

Reach Further

Being an external partner allows us to reach farther into our collective network of talent, allowing us to onboard specialized people in order to get innovative work done. Under one direction, we’re able to flex and bring unique creative approaches that would otherwise take additional time and effort from our client’s side, creating inefficiencies and affecting their work pace.

divided Yet United

Another way our relationship is unique, is our ability to leverage creative leadership. We act as another internal resource for Freddie Mac’s creative group, allowing them to test ideas, looks, approaches, and strategies without the risk of brining in an unexperienced partner. It’s like having a complete second team, fully aligned to their success goals.

Award winning

Our relationship with Freddie Mac has empowered their creative team to push into fully integrated work worthy of awards. They’re a hugely talented team, and it’s been extra special to earn awards, together.

Scale gets it. Whether it's research, insights, strategy, creative, or dev, Scale understands that great work is built on trust, effort and awesome talent—three things Scale has an abundance of.

—Quan Hoang, Creative Director, Freddie Mac