A Helping Hand

Freddie Mac helps support overlooked and underserved communities through key programs that bring relief to areas that need it most. Their Let's Bring it Home website is dedicated to creating awareness around the housing crisis in the United States. We brought the project to life with Freddie Mac’s internal creative team through an online landing page and video.

We’re also proud to share that this project earned a Gold Addy Award from the American Advertising Federation.

what we did

  • Strategy
  • Concepting
  • Custom illustration
  • Web development
  • Video editing
  • Project managment

Solid Take-Off

This landing page was created as the destination for all of the advertising and marketing efforts for this campaign. Since the main conversion point is a collection form at the footer, the website needed to be stable and resilient to high-traffic surges at any moment.

Easy and Digestible Content

We didn’t want to overwhelm our landing page with too much content, so we created spaces where the user could stop and read undisturbed. Adding some simple animations to keep the experience fresh and dynamic, it was one of the many tactics employed to bring this project to life.

Emotionally Powerful Video

The hero of this campaign was the video which we concepted, sketched, and illustrated using motion design. With quality writing, tons of dimension, and interesting transitions, this is one of the best videos we’ve ever animated.

Handcrafted Illustrations

Our team hand-illustrated all of the characters and a number of elements that supported the story and could be used in different executions throughout the campaign.


Collaboration with the Freddie Mac technical team

Fast buildout and deployment of the landing page

Continued support and iteration of their web presence