Homeward Bound

Freddie Mac challenged us to create the Junior Achievement Finance Park, state-of-the-art learning experiences that teaches kids the importance and reality of homeownership. From the frustration of broken appliances to tips on budgeting, the project encourages young students to envision their financial future.

Our goal was to create an environment that was full of surprises, interaction, and discovery. And at the same time, we created a place where teachers could give lessons on homeownership in a safe and durable environment.

what we did

  • Strategy
  • Concepting
  • Custom art and illustration
  • Buildout
  • Motion design
  • Project management
  • Location management

The (Rough) Idea

Creating an interactive home setting, students opened household doors and discovered how common home features can add up to unexpected expenses. We created custom illustrations in bright colors and fun shapes to create a sense of exploration and wonder.

Tips, Tricks, and Surprises

Through the use of video animation, we created opportunities for mini-lessons that were practical and achievable to everyday life scenarios.

An Interactive Experience

Our team worked with local vendors to create a high-quality and durable immersive experience. The result? Our audience felt deeply connected to the content.


Three unique experiences across the U.S.

Developed a repeatable process that streamlined an extremely intricate and detailed project.

Thousands of students continue to experience what it is like to own a home.