Down to a Science

Quality Biological is a science-driven biotechnology manufacturer dedicated to delivering solutions for life science companies, federal labs, and leading research institutions. We worked with our client to refresh the brand and revamp their outdated website. By simplifying a very complex website with e-commerce, we helped transport our client into a new realm.

what we did

  • Branding
  • UI/UX design
  • Web development
  • E-commerce
  • IT support
  • Hosting
  • Product management
  • Quality assurance

Fresh Restart

Our team was in charge of completely revamping the look and feel of Quality Biological. From a completely new responsive logo redesign to label and packaging, this is truly an example of thinking creatively to evolve an established and known brand in the industry.

Being Different

The life sciences industry is primed for change, so why not start now? We looked at this opportunity to bring new life to QBI with an updated look, colors, and textures that truly differentiated them from the rest.

Approachable UI

Our approach to this UI was to make it easy for users to consume content in digestible ways, without losing the essence of the new brand. We created friendly spaces for people to find out more about the core values of QBI, and made filling out a special order form easier.

E-Commerce Platform

With over 10,000 SKUs, this large WooCommerce website required a complete overhaul without changing the basic rules and requirements established in its workflow. Our team worked to streamline and optimize the code, seeing significant gains in performance based on the previous iteration of the website.


Optimized the size of the website by 1300%

Performance gains of 200% in most areas of the website

Managed large tasks like global price changes throughout the engagement