Home Improvements

Learn to Live trusted us with iterating their digital product and hired us to refine the user experience and their overall design. As consultants, we worked closely with their technical team to ensure our recommendations didn’t create undue stress or complexity within their current system—unless there was a clear value to the end-user that could be demonstrated through data.

From very simple requests to more involved and challenging features, our team worked closely with Learn to Live’s product team, developing new views, adding features, and consulting through complex challenges. We’re extremely proud of the work cadence, communication and openness brought to the table during these sprints.

what we did

  • Product ownership
  • Product management
  • UI/UX design
  • Web development
  • User flows
  • Feature design
  • Prototyping
  • Project management

Getting Into the Flow

Even at the most basic level, our job was to ensure all of our recommendations fit within an existing product. Every decision we made had to add value to the end-user, as well as achieve Learn to Live’s technical goals.

Being a Resource

Offering clean UI opportunities for users to perform a task is one of the most important things within the product. In this example, we removed all distractions when completing key tasks and demonstrated how communication would trickle down to the most basic levels.

Be a Great Peer

Peer-to-Peer communication was an explored feature that added a layer of community to the program. This solution creates a safe space for people to have a level of managed communication in an effort to support each other through their journey.

Be Reminded

Creating a layer of reminders ensure further engagement of the users in the platform. With plenty of flexibility, the reminders feature invites the end-user to come back and finish a key task during their program.