Time for a Transformation

Pipevine is a marketing company that specializes in printing and collateral. We were tasked with completely rehauling their platform and customization engine, and worked with their team to completely reimagine their ordering, personalization, and shipping process. We designed every single screen and also served as technical consultants throughout their platform build. In addition, we designed their corporate website.

what we did

  • Information architecture
  • Customer experience
  • Product design
  • E-commerce
  • Video animation

A User-First Approach

Working with clients who define all of the requirements for this application, our team was responsible for ensuring that every user had a way to begin their customization and check-out process.

It’s Time to Check Out

With the understanding of the difficulties involved with customizing and printing marketing materials, we designed a UI where users can make micro-interactions in order to simplify their decision-making process.

A Custom Customizer

One of the most challenging and fun parts of this project was the design of their customized engine, using CHILI publish. Our team took a deep dive into all of the requirements necessary to adapt this platform, and was also responsible for managing the relationship between the implementation vendor and the client, offering technical consulting to make it happen.